Connecting and representing Physician Scientists across Europe


The conference was an enourmous succes, with over 200 participants and renowed speakers such as:

 -Alain Fischer (Paris): Professor of immunology, head of the IMAGINE Institute
 -Melissa McCartney (Boston) : Project Director at American Association for the Advancement of Science, (Group editor of Science magazine) 
 -Didier Mutter (Strasbourg) : Professor of Surgery, Vice-President of the Institute for Research in Digestive Cancer Surgery (IRCAD), co-fouder of the European Institue for Telesurgery 
 -Sjoerd Repping (Amsterdam) : Professor of Human Reproductive Biology Patrick Saulnier (Angers) : Group leader in Nanotechnologies 
 -Paresh Vyas (Oxford) : Professor of Haematology, Group Leader MRC Molecular Hematology unit Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine