Connecting and representing Physician Scientists across Europe

International Consortium of Clinician Scientist Trainee Organizations

A joint venture by the regional clinician scientist trainee organizations from France (AMPS), the United States (APSA), Canada (CITAC), Switzerland (SMPA), Europe (EMPA), and Asia (AMSA)

New International Consortium Will Support Future Health Researchers

The International Consortium of Clinician Scientist Trainee Organizations (ICCSTO) is a new joint venture to support and advocate for future clinician-scientists. Clinician-scientists are medical professionals who have pur- sued additional training in scientific research, which allows them to act both as providers of healthcare, and as developers of new methods and technologies to improve health. As such, these individuals are able to combine insights from scientific theory and real experience helping patients, and fill a unique role in the medical research community.

ICCSTO was created by the joint efforts of the regional clinician-scientist trainee organizations from France (AMPS), the United States (APSA), Canada (CITAC), Switzerland (SMPA), Europe (EMPA), and Asia (AMSA). The consortium exists to enrich members’ training and career development, to facilitate international scientific collaboration, to research training pipelines, experiences, and outcomes around the world, and to fos- ter a strong connection in the global clinician-scientist community. It will cater to members across all stages of their training, from undergraduate medical education to post-doctoral research fellowships.

Through the consortium, members within each regional organization will enjoy the benefits of membership in all partner organizations. This includes access to research and training opportunities, webinars with leaders in our fields, and discounted access to conferences around the world. Furthermore, the ICCSTO will hold an annu- al conference, hosted on a rotating basis by the partner organizations. The inaugural meeting was held this year in Paris, hosted by AMPS. The next international meeting will be held in Chicago, USA in conjunction with the APSA National Meeting in April 2020.

Further information about opportunities available through the ICCSTO will appear on the regional partners’ websites, pending the launch of the ICCSTO website later this year.

Partners Organizations:

Association Médecine Pharmacie Science (France)

American Physician Scientists Association

Clinician Investigator Trainees Association of Canada

Swiss MD/PhD Association

European MD/PhD Asociation

Asian Medical Students Association