This Year's Focus Young Minds for Healthy Generations

The 4th European MD/PhD conference 2015 took place at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) from June 5th till June 7th 2015. With keynote speakers Prof. Martin Chalfie, who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for his revolutionising discovery of the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) and Prof. Howard Bauchner, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the conference was a huge succes.


EU kaart 18 landen kleiner
In orange are the countries represented at the conference










Pictures Friday:

IMG_3594 IMG_3577 IMG_3573 IMG_3563 IMG_3590 IMG_3580 IMG_3610 IMG_3248 IMG_3274 IMG_3265 IMG_3284 IMG_3280 IMG_3632 IMG_3625 IMG_3645IMG_3339IMG_3338IMG_3336IMG_3328IMG_3325IMG_3324IMG_3322IMG_3321IMG_3317IMG_3314IMG_3313IMG_3309IMG_3285IMG_3279IMG_3275IMG_3272IMG_3269IMG_3257IMG_3243IMG_3240IMG_3236IMG_3233IMG_3230IMG_3226IMG_3225IMG_3218IMG_3752IMG_3751IMG_3748IMG_3745IMG_3744IMG_3741IMG_3739IMG_3738IMG_3735IMG_3734IMG_3733IMG_3731IMG_3730IMG_3728IMG_3726IMG_3724_B_WIMG_3723IMG_3720IMG_3715IMG_3713IMG_3712IMG_3709IMG_3708IMG_3706IMG_3693IMG_3690IMG_3687IMG_3685IMG_3680IMG_3674IMG_3665IMG_3655IMG_3652IMG_3649IMG_3647IMG_3646IMG_3643IMG_3638IMG_3633IMG_3628IMG_3642 IMG_3709_B&W IMG_3724 IMG_3732 IMG_3736


Pictures Saturday:

IMG_4222 IMG_4205 IMG_3800 IMG_3804 IMG_3778 IMG_3780 IMG_3783 IMG_3795 IMG_3797 IMG_3764 IMG_3765 IMG_3768 IMG_3776 IMG_3756 IMG_3757 IMG_3953 IMG_3897 IMG_3918 IMG_3892 IMG_3832 IMG_3822 IMG_3826 IMG_3813 IMG_3819 IMG_3806 IMG_3807 IMG_3982 IMG_3984 IMG_3966 IMG_3970 IMG_3972 IMG_3990 IMG_3975 IMG_3978 IMG_3980 IMG_3959 IMG_3960 IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_3871 IMG_3876 IMG_3883 IMG_3861 IMG_3862 IMG_3864 IMG_3850 IMG_3851 IMG_3854 IMG_3856 IMG_3858 IMG_4187 IMG_4189 IMG_4191 IMG_4192 IMG_4195 IMG_4180 IMG_4168 IMG_4170 IMG_4177 IMG_4128 IMG_4131 IMG_4120 IMG_4125 IMG_4114 IMG_4101 IMG_4144 IMG_4146 IMG_4123 IMG_4127 IMG_4090 IMG_4100 IMG_4044 IMG_4069 IMG_4031 IMG_4032 IMG_4037 IMG_4038 IMG_4003 IMG_4015 IMG_4017 IMG_4019 IMG_3995 IMG_3996 IMG_3998 IMG_4298 IMG_4282 IMG_4286 IMG_4274 IMG_4277 IMG_4279 IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4263 IMG_4265 IMG_4232 IMG_3999 IMG_4151 IMG_4165 IMG_4002 IMG_4335 IMG_4330 IMG_4338 IMG_4337 IMG_4336 IMG_4344IMG_4342 IMG_4339 IMG_4352 IMG_4351 IMG_4348 IMG_4345 IMG_4361 IMG_4359 IMG_4358 IMG_4389 IMG_4384 IMG_4382 IMG_4403 IMG_4402 IMG_4396IMG_4395 IMG_4394 IMG_4392 IMG_4423 IMG_4417 IMG_4413 IMG_4412 IMG_4411 IMG_4410 IMG_4405 IMG_4441 IMG_4440 IMG_4439 IMG_4433 IMG_4432IMG_4431 IMG_4427 IMG_4453 IMG_4452 IMG_4451 IMG_4449 IMG_4443 IMG_4442 IMG_4478 IMG_4474 IMG_4472 IMG_4471 IMG_4467 IMG_4461 IMG_4505 IMG_4504 IMG_4503 IMG_4499 IMG_4498 IMG_4496 IMG_4507 IMG_4411


Pictures Sunday:

IMG_4618 IMG_4616 IMG_4613 IMG_4608 IMG_4579 IMG_4570 IMG_4756 IMG_4752 IMG_4751 IMG_4750 IMG_4749 IMG_4748 IMG_4747 IMG_4741 IMG_4735 IMG_4733 IMG_4725 IMG_4723 IMG_4718 IMG_4716 IMG_4714 IMG_4707 IMG_4706 IMG_4703 IMG_4701 IMG_4699 IMG_4693 IMG_4687 IMG_4686 IMG_4683 IMG_4678 IMG_4676 IMG_4672 IMG_4671 IMG_4661 IMG_4656 IMG_4551 IMG_4549 IMG_4546 IMG_4542 IMG_4540 IMG_4535 IMG_4534 IMG_4531 IMG_4530 IMG_4529 IMG_4525 IMG_4523 IMG_4519 IMG_4518 IMG_4515 IMG_4514 IMG_4512 IMG_4652 IMG_4647 IMG_4639 IMG_4629 IMG_4769 IMG_4764

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