The European MD-PhD Association, abbreviated to EMPA, was founded in May 2015 in the Netherlands. It is an association founded and run by European MD PhD candidates. 

At the 3rd European MD/PhD Conference 2014, the decision was made to found the EMPA with four aims in mind:

  1. To form a scientific network in which cooperation, the exchange of knowledge and the exchange of students between research centres are encouraged.
  2. To form a social network, where connections between MD/PhD organizations, researchers and MD/PhD candidates in particular can be made.
  3. To give political weight to the voice of MD/PhD candidates in Europe and in each individual connected country.
  4. To form a legal body to which financial contributions can be made to achieve the abovementioned goals.

Joining the EMPA provides MD PhD candidates with a base upon which they can build collaborations, research exchanges and a vast network of like-minded peers.

So don’t wait to sign up and be part of what will soon be the largest collection of MD/PhD candidates in Europe (see header menu).