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9th empa conference

EMPA General Assembly 2021

Find below a breakdown of the points which will be discussed during our 2021 general assembly. Only EMPA members can vote, so do not forget to register here! We will use Zoom’s built-in polls system to cast votes and verify your membership offline.

1 – Executive board election – we need you!!

We all started working for EMPA in Fall 2018 and happily accepted a second mandate at the 8th MD-PhD conference held in Geneva in Fall 2019. Because the main mission of our association is to provide a platform for European MD-PhD students to gather and meet in person, in particular during the European MD-PhD conference, 2020 was a pretty dull year for us.

This also means that we were not able to meet the next generation of EMPA officers. In order to ensure the transmission of EMPA culture and missions beyond the pandemic, we decided to collectively take the job for another year, working in parallel with new members willing to fully take over in a year’s time. Given the great progress that many countries make in vaccinating their population, we expect 2021 to be a re-birth of conferences, and of national and international MD-PhD associations!

If you are interested, please email us at, or simply take the opportunity to talk to us during the conference coffee breaks and MD-PhD social on!

Our positions will be voted as per usual procedure during the General Assembly, according to the Statutes of the Association.

2- EMPA budget approval

The annual budget will be presented and voted for approval. 

3 – Update of EMPA statutes

In Geneva last year, you voted positively to amend our statutes. In particular, we redefined our membership policy to be inclusive of all clinician-scientists. These were ratified by a notary, and are available to read on our website.