EMPA (European MD-PhD Association) is a non-profit association gathering healthcare (MD, PharmD, dentistry…) students and graduates interested in Sciences from all Europe (from here termed MD-PhDs).

Its main three aims are to bring together European MD-PhDs, to promote European scientific collaborations and to support MD-PhD students and programs.

To accomplish these aims, EMPA wishes to create a network between MD-PhDs from all European countries, with the help of existing national MD-PhD associations. To reinforce this network, EMPA organizes scientific gatherings such as its annual conference, which takes place each year in a different European country and gathers around 100-150 MD-PhDs.

To promote MD-PhD programs, EMPA gleans informations about MD-PhD programs and students outcomes through Europe in order to help program supervisors and politics have a comprehensive view of MD-PhD programs and potentially help them improve. Moreover, by providing information about MD-PhD programs, EMPA has the will to help increase the number of these programs through Europe and to develop the European MD-PhD workforce.

Finally, by gathering a great number of MD-PhDs, EMPA’s wish is to raise funding to support translational European projects and MD-PhDs’ mobility around Europe.

EMPA is composed of its members (MD-PhD students and graduates), national representatives and national associations that help to spread EMPA’s voice. It is led by its executive board that is annually elected during the general assembly.

Together, European MD-PhDs and translational research are stronger!

The European MD-PhD Association

EMPA Executive Board 2020