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The EMPA and the French MD-PhD Association (AMPS) are co-organizing the 7th European MD/PhD conference. The conference will take place in two very prestigious places in Paris: the French Academy of Medicine (Friday) and the Imagine institute (Saturday and Sunday), a renown translational research institute.
This year, the scientific program will be multi-thematic with a dense scientific program (see below). Students are encouraged to send their abstract in order to be selected for a poster or an oral presentation. A round table will feature the theme of entrepreneurship in the biomedical field. We have the honour of welcoming Professor Jean-Pierre Kinet (Immunology professor in Harvard medical school) and Samuel Levy (Allurion®, Startup CEO).
Finally, a social program has been planned so that European students have time to meet, discuss and share their experience over their stay in Paris. A visit of the Academy of Medicine and some parts of the city are also planned.
Looking forward to seeing you in Paris.
The EMPA board
Keynote speakers :
–      Prof. Hugues de Thé, onco-hematology.
–      Prof. Pierre Corvol, cardiology : pathophysiology of hypertension.
–      Prof Guido Kroemer, fundamental work on apoptosis and autophagy.
–      Prof. Laurent Abel, genetics of infectious diseases.
–      Prof. Fulvio Mavilio, regenerative medicine and genetic therapy.
–      Prof. Jacques Fleurentin, ethnopharmacology.



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Registration for the EMPA has opened and is available through the www.eumdphd.com website.

What can the EMPA offer you?

The main aim of the EMPA for the long term is to spread the success and with that, the availability of the MD/PhD curriculum all over Europe. Obviously, this will not directly affect you in the coming years, but it will affect those that come after you. In the meantime, we do provide a medium through which EMPA members can find each other and collaborate, be it for scientific or social ends. The MD/PhD curriculum is one of the most rewarding but also one of the toughest to complete. The EMPA aims to connect more easily and provide a platform to help each other out.

Also, we will need an organisation that perpetuates the effort, funds and knowledge that has been put into each European MD/PhD Conference. The EMPA will allow for continuation, growth and development of the annual conferences.

If you wish to get more involved with the EMPA and help to meet its goals, there are several ways to do so. This year, the conference was attended by MD/PhD candidates from 18 different countries. This enormous increase in aligned European countries and universities will require an equal increase in representatives. By becoming a representative for your country, you can be the connection between the EMPA and your MD/PhD organisation. Of course, if you wish to be involved in the EMPA otherwise, please let us know as well. Being a more “passive” members helps us out as well, as membership numbers provide us with a degree of integration of the MD/PhD curriculum in each country. It will also allow us to include you in analyses and perhaps of the MD/PhD educational system.

Whether you will be an active member or not, please make sure to apply for membership of the EMPA. We will do our very best to make the MD/PhD curriculum a valuable and widespread asset to the European medical science community.

On behalf of the board of the European MD/PhD Association,

Ruben Buijs