List of Universities in Europe with MD/PhD Programmes



Country Universities Scope Contact info Structure/Comments
Austria Medical University of Vienna

University of Graz

Limited Scope (Immunology)

Limited scope (Cardiovascular/Biomarker discovery)

Croatia University of Zagreb Broad scope but not an organized MD-PhD program
Czech Republic Masaryk University and

University Hospital Motol

Limited scope (Pathology)
Finland University of Eastern Finland,
France Ecole de l’Inserm Lilianne-Bettencourt (Inserm’s school) Website: de-l- inserm-liliane- bettencourt Directors: Prs Boris Barbour & Eric Clauser


Ecole Normale Supérieure MD-PhD Program Web: Director: Pr Patrick Charnay


Paris Descartes University (Paris V) MD-PhD Program Website:

Director: Pr Jean Christophe Thalabard


Paris Pierre Marie Curie University (Paris VI) MD-PhD Program Website: Directors: Drs Jacqueline Capeau, Catherine Lubetzki, Florent Soubrier
Strasbourg MD-PhD Program Website:

Director: Dr Valérie Lamour; Contact:

Bordeaux MD-PhD Program (ongoing) Website: in construction

Director: Pr Marie-Edith Lafon (marie-edith.lafon@u-

Germany University of Wurzberg

University of Gottingen

University of Hannover

Berlin Helmboldt University

EMBL Heidelberg

Organized MD-PhD programs
Greece University of Crete Limited scope (Pathophysiology)
Hungary Semmelweis University ?
Ireland Mater Institute of Technology Limited scope (Biotechnology)
Italy Milan


Limited scope (Translational Medicine)
Lithuania Kaunas University of Medicine Broad but not an organized MD-PhD program
Macedonia Medical University of Skopje ?
Netherlands University of  Groningen

University of Amsterdam

Leiden University

Organized MD-PhD programs
Norway University of Oslo

University of Bergen

Portugal University of Minho Organized MD-PhD program
Slovakia Institute of Clinical and Translational Research, Bratislava Limited Scope (Translational Research)
Spain UAB Barcelona

University of Madrid

Limited Scope (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
Sweden University of Upsala

University of Lund

University of Gottenberg

Limited Scope (Medical Genetics)
Switzerland University of Zurich

University of Bern

University of Basel

University of Geneva

University of Lausanna

Organized MD-PhD program
Turkey Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine Broad scope, organized MD-PhD program:

Biochemistry PhD Program

Pharmacology PhD Program

Biophysics PhD Program

Medical Biology PhD Program

Basic Neurological Sciences PhD Program

Tumor Biology and Immunology PhD Program

Microbiology PhD Program

Histology-Embryology PhD Program

Epidemiology PhD Program

MD-PhD Program Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Turgay Dalkara

Department of Neurology   

0312-305-2130 / 2585

MD-PhD Program Coordinator Assistants:

Prof. Dr. Dicle Güç

Department of Oncology    


Prof. Dr. Z. Alev Özön

Department of Pediatrics


United Kingdom University College London Organised programme Website:

Contact: Ms Susan Beesley

University of Cambridge Organised programme Website:
Imperial College London Organised programme Website:

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